Mission & Vision


Our mission is to promote equity in health and opportunity for Latinos by advancing clinical care, research, education, and advocacy at Johns Hopkins and beyond in active partnership with our Latino neighbors. Our vision is that all Latinos receive culturally competent healthcare that acknowledges the diversity of the community and respects the dignity of each individual. During the last five years, Centro SOL has built a strong positioning as a center of reference for immigrant and Latino health. Some of the key factors that allowed successful intervention are: 


Access to relevant data

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Centro SOL has built upon experience accessing local, state and national data to inform our work


Grant writing experience

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Our researchers’ projects have been granted large NIH grants to address issues from childhood obesity to HIV prevention and treatment.


Commitment to serve Latinos

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Our co-directors and staff have served the community in different capacities, from clinical care to education.


Why was Centro SOL created for?

In 2013, Centro SOL was established to better address the healthcare needs of Baltimore’s growing Latino community. The faculty physician scientists and staff of Centro SOL and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Children’s Medical Practice are positioned at the intersection between healthcare delivery and community engagement and thus have the knowledge, community and institutional relationships and medical and language skills necessary to address mental health issues and health inequity in the immigrant Latino population in Baltimore.

Do you want to meet our team?

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