Clinical Care

Part of Centro SOL’s mission is to build trustworthy relationships with community organizations and leaders advocating for healthcare access opportunities for Latinos. Through these relationships and collaborations, we promote access to care for Baltimore’s Latino community.

The Access Partnership Program (TAP) at Johns Hopkins is one of Centro SOL’s partners to provide clinical care. TAP is a community benefits program that facilitates access to specialty care for underinsured patients.

The Esperanza Center is an important partner of Centro SOL. The collaborative effort between Centro SOL and Esperanza Center led to the sponsoring of a Medical Director focusing on the clinic at the center allowing for primary care access for uninsured Latino patients.

Centro SOL collaborates with programs to prevent HIV/AIDS in the Latino community. We promote HIV screenings and HIV awareness through the campaign, Solo Se Vive Una Vez, and through collaborations with the Baltimore City Health Department and the Moore HIV Clinic.