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For Students

Including what you need for your future: Scholarships, Resources, News


Summer Scholars Program


Interested in healthcare and medicine? Apply to join our Summer Scholars Program now!

  • Learn directly from Healthcare Professionals

  • Work with professionals from all over the world

  • Utilize your bilingual skills

  • Join the network of +50 scholar applicants


Youth Mentoring and Tutoring

A large number of Latinx youth with promising futures miss opportunities to apply for scholarships, employment, and colleges simply because they do not know about them!

What is the Mentoring Program?


This Centro SOL program was created to provide meaningful mentoring experiences for Latinx high school students in need of guidance and support in their high school education. More specifically, our aim is to enlighten students about the college application process, financial aid options, course selection, homework help & other topics as deemed necessary.


Resources for Students

Do you need help with your studies? Do you know where you can get local support or how to be prepared throughout the academic year? Find answers in our Resources for Students page.

  1. Free Academic Support

  2. Local Academic Support

  3. Timelines – for College Preparation

  4. Key Financial Aid Information


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Any questions, comments or suggestions can be sent directly to the Youth Pipeline coordinator at centrosolpipelines@jhmi.edu