Latino Family Advisory Board - Consejo de Familias Latinas

LFAB - 2018

LFAB - 2018

Program Information

  • Founded in 2011, the LFAB is composed of Spanish-speaking mothers of pediatric patients at the JHBMC Children’s Medical Practice (CMP)
  • 9 meetings yearly
  • Meeting support: meal, child care, stipend for participation


Representation of Members

  • Facilitation by CMP physicians and social workers
  • Centro SOL staff members provide coordination support
  • Cost: $8-10K yearly plus in-kind support
LFAB Stats.jpg

Member Summary

-  17 active board members from throughout Latin America

– number of parent participants at each meeting: 12-14


– mean time for receipt of care at general pediatrics clinic : 8 years (range 2-14y)

–Mean length of stay in the United States: 14 years (10-26y)

- majority of mothers have less than a HS education

Recent Activities

-Participated in design of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Equity Awareness Campaign

-Provided feedback on improving primary care mental health support in the clinic and links to support

-Developed Spanish-language Epic pediatric results letter templates

-Met with external partners from the health department and Medicaid program

-Met with representatives from the Johns Hopkins Care-A-Van to provide feedback on its new design.