Mi Familia Entera


Project Title

Mi Familia Entera: Maternal contraceptive use and assessment of family planning clinic websites in Latina mothers of young children.

Project Summary

This study, which concluded in 2018, had two aims: survey and usability and acceptability testing. The first aim was to characterize contraceptive use, need, and knowledge among immigrant Latina mothers who seek care for their children, ages 0-36 months, at an urban pediatric primary care clinic. To address this aim, a bilingual research assistant oversaw administration of a REDCap survey with multiple choice questions on: maternal demographics, contraceptive choice and knowledge, barriers to contraceptive use, maternal use of healthcare clinics, and how mothers access health information. This will be done in a semi-private location at the clinic site. Mothers will be compensated for their time. We will recruit approximately 200 participants.

For the second aim, we would like to assess the usability and acceptability of two family planning clinic websites. The bilingual research assistant will measure participant's ability to complete tasks on a family planning website and answer a satisfaction survey (using standardized system usability scale). Website navigation will occur on a tablet provided by study team and satisfaction survey will be orally administered. The usability testing will occur in the participant's home. Approximately 20 participants will be recruited as subsample from above. They will be additionally compensated. The Bayview Children's Medical Practice Latino Family Advisory Board of the clinic will be available for guidance.

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Ross DeCamp, Lisa - MD, MSPH APA Bright Futures
Project Start Date
Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 9/1/2017
Co - Principal Investigator
Project End Date
Caballero, Tania, MD, MSH 7/31/2018
Other Co - Principal Investigators
Team Members
N/A Andrada, Carolina, BA
Bou Delgado, Laura, BA
Cook, Isabella
Edwardson, Jill, MD, MPH
Polk, Sarah, MD
Rincon Caciedo, Mariana, BS
Rivera Rodriguez, Tatiahna, BA, MS
Tulcher, Amanda, BS
Upadhya, Krishna, MD