Youth Suicide Prevention


Project Title

Unifying Immigrant Families for Youth Suicide Prevention

Project Summary

Experts have raised concerns about the effects of the current political environment with respect to immigration policy and its potentially broad-ranging effects on the health of Latino families. Concerns raised have included decreased ability to engage families in needed health services, even when children qualify for those services.

This study aims to assess the association between parent immigration status and adolescent suicidal ideation and behavior.

This will be done by assessing the following key questions:
1. With respect to suicide prevention, what are the educational and mental health needs of Latino youth from immigrant families in the current political context?
2. What recommendations do community members have for suicide prevention and mental health treatment interventions targeting this community?

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Wilcox, Holly - PhD Bloomberg
Project Start Date
Mental Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Co - Principal Investigator
Project End Date
Platt, Rheanna – MD, MPH 12/1/2019
Other Co - Principal Investigators
Team Members
Polk, Sarah - MD, Sc.M
Alvarez, Kiara - PhD
Acosta, Jennifer - MPH
Guerrero Vazquez, Monica – MPH, MS
Rincon Caicedo, Mariana - BA