Project Title

KIDS FACE FEARS: Face-to-face vs. Computer-Enhanced Formats Pragmatic Study of Anxiety

Project Summary

Kids FACE FEARS is a pragmatic randomized controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of two forms of a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) intervention for anxiety in children and youth. The primary objective of the study is the evaluation the relative effectiveness of the face-to-face vs. web-based CBT interventions for treating anxiety in children 3-18 years of age. The study will also determine whether patient, family, provider, and systems characteristics moderate engagement in treatment and differential response to inform treatment personalization for patient subgroups.

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Miller, Leslie - MD PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute)
Project Start Date
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 10/01/2018
Co - Principal Investigator
Project End Date
Platt, Rheanna - MD, MPH 11/15/2024
Other Co - Principal Investigators
Team Members
Fortuna, Lisa - MD, MPH, Boston University

Pincus, Donna - PhD, Boston University
Ross DeCamp, Lisa - MD, MSPH

Polk, Sarah - MD, ScM

Brandt, Amelia - MSW, MPH

Rincon Caicedo, Mariana - BS

Cooper, Lindsay - BA, MA