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 Translation Services

Translation consultations at Centro SOL are offered both for research and non-research projects.

Translations for Research projects

In order to use our services for research materials, please submit a consultation request and indicate the need for translations. It is highly recommended that study materials are approved by the IRB prior to translation. Translation of study materials can be included as part of the material review process offered through our Research Consultation Services. Find more about our services here.

General Translations

In order to use our services for non-Research materials, please complete the Translation Services Request Form. As part of this process, please include in the request all the materials that need to be translated, indicating the target audience, reading level of participants, and survey sources, if applicable.

Once the completed form is received, as well as the materials, our team will evaluate your request and provide you an estimate cost of the service.


Consent forms

Translation general documents consent.png

We highly recommend that you get the IRB approval before translating, because after it is submitted to the IRB, and edits are made, the translation would need a second review which has an added fee of $35 per hour.

Certificate of Translation

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IRB approved, or other research materials require a Certificate of Translation. Requesting one includes a proofread review of the requested materials by one of our bilingual staff members at no additional cost. This has a $75 flat fee. However, requesting one after the translation is completed will add an additional review/consultation cost of $35 per hour.


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We suggest that you review some standardize/national surveys (CDC, National Survey or Child Health, USDA, etc.) that may include questions like race or gender, and that may already have translations available.

Translations are delivered within 10 business days after receiving the signed estimate. A rush delivery fee of 25% is available under request.