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Here you can find the main lines of work at Centro SOL.


At Centro SOL we provide advice and support to the Latinx youth community: study programs, mentorship, journeys, etc. We also work closely with parents to guide them through their children academic path.


Centro SOL conducts research focused on Latino health, provides research consultation services, and advocates for policies to improve health and opportunities for Latinos. To learn more, visit our Research and Policy page where you can find information about research projects, publications, conferences, services, and more!


Centro SOL strives to promote equity in health and opportunity for Latinos by providing a number of programs focusing on physical and mental health and clinical care. Patient-centered care is at the root of these programs and what has allowed for their success.


Centro SOL ha preparado una lista de recursos relacionados con la salud que están disponibles para la comunidad hispana de Baltimore.


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